Managing K8s manifests is hard

Monokle makes it easy to manage and debug your manifests - before you deploy them to your cluster!

Monokle is ideal for engineers new to k8s, engineers/teams with complex manifest setups, and teams that require granular access control for manifests / properties.

You might be managing your manifests manually - i.e. without a UI. You might be using jeremykross/konstellate. Lens/Octant/Kubevious/etc support manifest updating to a certain extent - but are more focused on runtime inspection of clusters.

Monokle gives you the visibility and flexibility to quickly and safely update your manifests.

When you need to:

Monokle can help by:

Understand resources defined in your manifest files/folders or your k8s cluster

Get a logical overview of all resources in your manifests or cluster and understand how they link and relate to each other

Edit manifests with maintained integrity and without having to look up yaml syntax or properties

Update manifests with context-sensitive guidance and integrity checks using both source and form-based editors

Debug resources generated with kustomize or Helm

Interactively preview resources generated by kustomize or Helm and debug their contents and relationships

Compare resources in your cluster to those defined in your manifests

See a diff between your local manifests and those in your cluster - and apply changes directly through the UI